What is wapping?


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What exactly is wapping?

We are often asked this question. And it is usually said that Wappen sex with a pill is. But this is a very short turn. Wapping is much more than that. In addition, wapping does not have the same meaning for everyone. After some research, we have the right explanation about Wapping for you here;

Nobody knows when it started, but the cry has been around since the 1970s. Weekend Adult Party aka WAP. In the Netherlands quickly converted into wappen. Wappen has become a collective name for activities that adults perform together and has various forms of interpretation. For one it is a weekend lying on the mattresses, for the other there is a visit to one saunaparty or club look around the corner.

Wapping almost always happens in combination with party drugs, that is why we have one especially for you category have created all kinds of info about the different species party drugs, check for this FIRST AID with Drugs.

Wap with or without drugs? Not everyone dares to come out and not every site allows people to openly state that they use party drugs during such a party. Yet you often recognize whether people use people from the texts; & #8220; we have a full candy jar & #8221; and & #8220; trance and all that goes with it & #8221; are commonly used expressions.  

Hopefully we now have the question "What is Wappen"? answered for you. Curious about Wappen and would you like to try it out? Take a look at our Products! We help you get the best Wap experience 

However, if you still have questions about what wappen reassure us; info@wapshop.nl

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