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The idea for a Wapshop
The idea for our Wapshop was once created during one of the wap festivals of the same name. During these parties, many types of smart products were (and still are) used. That is how we came up with the bright idea of starting a webshop, specifically focused on the entire & #8220; WAP & #8221; event and where there is room for information about the use and effects of these products in addition to the sale of smart products.

More than 2000 products
The Wapshop has since grown into one of the largest online smart shops in the Netherlands with more than 2000 products in its range and with a bulk of information about these products. And the best thing of all is that the wap shop (almost) always has every product in stock.

We make many of our products, such as lubricants, ourselves. In addition, we are also the importer of many products for the Netherlands. We therefore supply many of our products to other (web) stores.

Pick up your order yourself:

We are regularly asked if we also have a 'real' store. Yes, a little bit, because it is possible to personally pick up your order at our warehouse during office hours.

First contact (preferably) via whats app, telephone or e-mail one of our employees to be sure that we are present:

Monday to Friday: 06 47 12 00 57 

E-mail: info@wapshop.nl

Industrieweg Oost 5A1
6662NE  Elst

You can park on Blekerstraat (this is at the back of our location) or at Parklaan (near Bomboca). Please note, these are 'paid parking' parking spaces.

 Pick up opening hours BY APPOINTMENT:

Monday to Friday10:00 a.m.3:30 pm
Saturday and Sunday Closed  

Our Link Partners:

- https://2link.be/

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